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My name is Camille, I am an experienced scuba diver and a passionate underwater photographer and videographer .

With years in exploring the underwater world, I have honed my skills in capturing the beauty and wonder of underwater species.


My deep passion for scuba diving led me to pursue a biology course through my club, which has given me a profound appreciation for the fragility and importance of the underwater ecosystem.

Through Scubachingon, I aim to showcase the unique identities and messages of actors in the tourism sector linked to diving, such as associations, dive centers, and tour operators, through engaging and visually stunning photography and video clips.

My ability to create compelling and captivating underwater footage and photos, combined with my commitment to promoting responsible tourism and ocean conservation, make me the ideal partner for those looking to highlight their own dive centers, tour operations, and other related ventures.

I believe that my work can help inspire others to appreciate and protect the underwater world, and I would be honored to work with you to help showcase the beauty and wonder of the ocean.

One Planet Tours 2019

Donation of underwater images for a Malagasy travel agency which shares part of its profits with the inhabitants of the poorest villages of the island

GMA Network 2018

Documentary on travel and scuba diving vloggers.

Philippino TV network 

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