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My name is Camille, I'm based in France and I'm a keen underwater photographer and videographer.

With years of exploring the underwater world, I'm honing my skills by capturing the wonders I come across on my diving trips.

The idea is to showcase the destinations I visit, and to promote those involved in diving tourism (associations, diving centers, tour operators), through video clips and photographs.


I take the aerial, land and underwater shots, as well as the editing and soundtrack, so as to offer exclusive content with no copyright problems.

I also use these videos to raise awareness of the importance of the underwater world among people of all ages. The image is a gateway that leads easily to exchange, and promotes understanding of the importance of the world of silence.

One Planet Tours 2019

Donation of underwater images for a Malagasy travel agency which shares part of its profits with the inhabitants of the poorest villages of the island

GMA Network 2018

Documentary on travel and scuba diving vloggers.

Philippino TV network 

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