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About Me

My name is Camille and I started diving during a trip to Asia in 2012.

Since then, I joined the ASD12 club in Paris in order to be permanently connected to the world of scuba diving, and to be able to dive safely in every places.

I started underwater video in 2015 with a GoPro. Since this time I feel naked underwater without a camera. 

In 2016 I started the level 1 biology course within my club, and it really opened my eyes on the underwater world,  as well as the vital importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem on which we directly depend on.

Today, I am fortunate to be able to bring together my different passions on my projects (travel, scuba diving, biology and music producing).
Scubachingon is the result of this mixture (scuba for the underwater world, and chingon which is a superlative that "basically" means cool in mexican slang).

Now my objective is to promote the actors of the tourism sector linked to diving and preservation of the marine ecosystem (associations, dive centers, tour operators..) by highlighting their identity and transmit their message in a video clip.

One Planet Tours 2019

Donation of underwater images for a Malagasy travel agency which shares part of its profits with the inhabitants of the poorest villages of the island

GMA Network 2018

Documentary on travel and scuba diving vloggers.

Philippino TV network 

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